Company Overview


It all started with a pharmacist and a dream almost 140 years ago. Today, Beiersdorf is a global company with iconic brands — Coppertone, Aquaphor, Eucerin and NIVEA — focused on providing innovative, clinically proven, and safe skin and sun care solutions to more than 500 million consumers in over 200 countries — making people feel comfortable in their own skin.

At Beiersdorf, we care beyond skin. We care for people — our employees, our customers, our consumers, and our communities — and our planet. We know that diversity of thought, backgrounds, experience and perspective enriches our culture and fosters innovation and ingenuity. We know that responsibly sourced, sustainable products and packaging make for a more sustainable future. And we know that when your skin feels better, you feel better.


We have four core values that guide everything we do at Beiersdorf. These are CARE, SIMPLICITY, COURAGE, and TRUST – these apply to the way we run our business, the way we treat our employees, and the way we want our colleagues to treat one another.
It’s a two-way street. We care about finding like-minded people, giving them the tools and support they need to develop their careers, providing them with job security and a healthy working environment. In return we expect people to care about their jobs, their colleagues, our brands, and our business.


The essence of our corporate culture has changed very little since 1882: We have always been a business that believes in the importance of ‘care’. We care about fostering a culture where individuals are encouraged to champion their own ideas and convictions and inspired to take responsibility for themselves and their teams. And we’re proud of the fact that our diverse mix of people and inclusive attitude has led to some unexpected collaborations and many exciting innovations.

We keep our structures lean and our hierarchies flat and flexible. And we strive to be open and honest, sincere and straightforward so everyone knows how and where they fit. We recognize too that everyone deserves a fair work-life balance so we work together to devise individual solutions.


As the inventor of modern skin care, we strive to make everyone feel comfortable in their own skin. The variety of our trusted brands and care products reflects the uniqueness of our consumers and everyone working at Beiersdorf. We believe in a culture of belonging together while embracing authentic individuality. Diversity is what enriches us, and how we win in competitive markets worldwide.


We believe in an inclusive culture.
People from very different countries, cultures, generations and of all genders work in our company and we want to promote this diversity in a targeted way.

Local initiatives are designed to ensure that diversity is recognized, valued, and included in Beiersdorf's working culture – irrespective of gender, nationality, ethnic origin, religion or world view, disability, age, sexual orientation, or identity.

Gender Balance
Ensuring equal opportunities for men and women is particularly close to our hearts and we strive to achieve a gender balance at all levels of our organization.In 2021, the Women Employee Resource Group was born. The group provides a space for learning, growing, and committing to taking action to make improvements not only within Beiersdorf but within the community. Regardless of level, function, personal life stage, and ambitions, the ERG provides a platform to share experiences, advise, & plan actionable commitments to improve societal perceptions of women, especially in the workplace.


Our company also values and safeguards the diversity of sexual identity and orientation. On the initiative of our own employees, we founded an LGBTIQ+ (lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, intersexual, queer, and more) community for all Beiersdorf employees: “Be You @Beiersdorf”. Its goal is to create and establish an even more inclusive environment and a visible community for everyone at Beiersdorf with a differing sexual identity and orientation. This includes establishing a network through company-internal and external events, improving the general understanding of LGBTIQ+ related topics in the workplace, and breaking down unconscious prejudices and stereotypes.

Black Employee Network Group
The Black Employee Network Group was designed and built to discuss topics that disproportionally impact the Black community. The group embraces similarities and values differences to foster a more inclusive workplace.

Collaboration across different generations is a key aspect of diversity and inclusion. Beiersdorf promotes a well-balanced mix of ages, works to leverage the strengths of the different generations in a targeted way and avoid peaks in specific workforce age ranges due to retirement.

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