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  Career Confusion: Take a Career Quiz!
by Sharon Cohen - May, 2012
• Can't stand your current job, but feel stuck? • Are you overwhelmed with job-search buzz words? • Learn the top 25 activities of succesful job seekers! Take heart, the lack of call backs and interviews may have nothing to do with your education or experience. It could be that you are simply using old, outdated or inefficient job search techniques. It is not your fault. Most people wouldn't hesitate to hire a pers...
  College Parents Can Influence Student Employment Success
by Bob Roth - May, 2012
Most college parents are deeply concerned about the employment success of their children and expect colleges do everything possible to ensure that students are fully prepared to conduct an effective job search. Unfortunately, far too many colleges place their student employment training and assistance efforts at the bottom of their list of priorities. For the most part, colleges are still handling student employment assist...
  Have you narrowed down your career ideas too much?
by Hallie Crawford - May, 2012
I recently spoke with my career coaching client, Damon. He said something to me that I often hear as a career coach and I wanted to share it with you. He said, “Don’t just focus on 1-2 aspects of your life or what you want in a job because that was where I went off track before. I hadn’t looked at other areas of my life to help me determine the big picture of what I wanted in a career.” You want to narrow down your car...
  Networking tips to help you land your first job
by Miriam Salpeter - May, 2012
Are you planning a transition “from college to career?” You won’t want to miss out on advice from Lindsey Pollak, a recognized expert on next-generation career trends. She recently released a new edition of her terrific book, Getting from College to Career. In this Q & A with Lindsey, she outlines some best practices for networking, following up, and transitioning to your first job. In addition to LinkedIn, what online to...
  Why CEOs Score Low in Emotional Intelligence (EI)
by Dr. Maynard Brusman - May, 2012
I recently spoke with the VP of Human Resources of a San Francisco Bay Area company regarding providing executive coaching for the company’s CEO. The VP of HR asked some very insightful questions to determine whether we were a good fit. She specifically wanted to know how I worked with different personality styles, and my methods for initiating behavior change. She was very interested in my executive coaching work with helping...
  How to Answer Questions About Underperforming Co-workers
by Bonnie Lowe - Apr, 2012
A new subscriber recently asked me how to respond to this type of interview question: "What would you do if a colleague was not pulling his weight?" Note: since the question is worded with "colleague" and not "employee" or "subordinate," I'm going to answer this as it would apply to a NONSUPERVISORY position. There are generally two management styles that determine how employers want their people to handle such situati...
  Surviving Job Loss
by Dale Kurow, M.S. - Apr, 2012
If you are one of the many who are unemployed or anticipate being out of work, read on. When you lose a job, whether by choice or not, you may feel loss, fear and its helpful cousin, anxiety. It may have been a miserable situation that you couldn't wait to leave. You may start beating yourself up (mentally and emotionally) for having stayed too long, for lack of foresight and for the dread of having to begin a job search...
  Top 5 Tips for Job Seekers
by Kimberly Schneiderman - Apr, 2012
When I was asked to prepare a list of top 5 tips for job seekers for the materials for ASIS’s May 18 Career Transition event, at first I couldn’t decide where to start. Should I list 5 resume tips? Cover letter tips? Ack! There are so many “basic” tips out there that limiting ideas to “top 5” is actually a daunting task. Of course, I was able to take a step back and asked myself what tips job seekers usually don’t hear. Fr...
  10 Smart Things New Grads Should Do to Get a Job
by Miriam Salpeter - Apr, 2012
Job seekers, particularly those just finishing school, have a lot more control over their situations than they acknowledge. Even in a competitive economy, there are steps to take to help land a new job successfully. Check these off your list to get on the road to job search success: 1. Apply for the right jobs. Study job descriptions and highlight the parts describing you. If, when you're done, most of the description isn't...
  7 Questions to Ask Yourself to Write a Better Customer Service Resume
by Jessica Holbrook Hernandez - Apr, 2012
Creating an accomplishment-driven resume is vitally important in order to get the attention of hiring managers. How do you do that though when your job isn’t necessarily all about numbers or sales? You can start by asking yourself the following seven questions about your experience in customer service and then incorporate those answers into your resume today! 1. Have I had any effect on operating costs? Have I reduced...
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